Carmix Carsilo: Horizontal Cement Silo

Carmix Carsilos are a horizontal cement silo delivery system with a flexible screw feed and electronic weighing system. These silos have been manufactured to optimise site productivity. Available in three different sizes, 15 m³, 28 m³ and 38 m³, these are perfect for projects of all sizes.

The Carsilo’s main features include:

  1. An electronic load cell weighing system for control display and process management;
  2. a main frame with a system that allows positioning and vehicle release which cuts out the assistance of a lifting machine;
  3. a vibration system to facilitate the flow of cement;
  4. A conveyor and discharge screw feed that is adjustable for the required height; and
  5. an electronic control panel with a safety management system

The Carmix cement silo, paired with a Carmix mobile batch plant, is the perfect solution for construction sites. Removing the delays and high costs associated with delivering concrete to site.


Carsilos 15: 15m3 Carsilos 28: 28m3 Carsilos 34: 34m3
Carsilos 15: 320kg/l Carsilos 28: 320kg/l Carsilos 34: 320kg/l
Carsilos 15: 6172lb Carsilos 28: 6172lb Carsilos 34: 8818lb
Carsilos 15: 9kW Carsilos 28: 12kW Carsilos 34: 12kW
Carsilos 15: 380V, 50Hz Carsilos 28: 380V, 50Hz Carsilos 34: 380V, 50Hz

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