Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor (Piletest CHUM)

The Cross Hole Ultrasonic Monitor (CHUM) uses the Cross hole Sonic Logging (CSL) method to perform high-resolution quality control of deep foundations.The system uses an ultra sonic wave sent from a transmitter to a receiver pulled through water filled access tubes embedded in the concrete. It then measures arrival time and energy to determine the quality of the pile concrete (overview of this test method). Additional methods supported by the CHUM are Single Hole Ultra sonic Testing (SSL/SHUT) and Tomography (two- and three-dimensional). The CHUM is fully compliant to ASTM D6760 – 16, AFNOR NF P 94-160-1 and additional standards.

Advantages of CHUM:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Tomography: 2D included with optional 3D
  3. Reliable: tested against atmospheric pressure, vibration and extreme temperature
  4. High productivity: experienced persons can test 700m/hour with fully automated reports produced

You can find out more about CHUM here.


- 2D tomography (included). - 3D tomography provided as a service - Three alternative tomography methods: Fuzzy logic, - Parametric and 3D - In real-time tomography: the shape of the defects forms as the probes are pulled
CHUM connects to any PC via the standard USB port. It will connect to future computers (such as Origami) while embedded systems will quickly become outdated.
- 100% QA tests at 16 atmosphere pressure, vibration and extreme temperature - The CHUM case can tolerate drops and shocks - 3 years warranty! - Rugged connectors, PU cables and details.
- Free software support and updates (included) - Analysis, interpretation and reporting assistance (included). We will do/review your first reports to make sure they are up to the highest standards.
- Up to 150m (450') deep (deeper optional) - Clean signal on 3m and more on solid concrete - Cleanest signal in the industry
- One experienced person tests about 700m of sections per hour! - 40 samples/sec: test as fast as 2m/sec ! - Fully automated reports in MSWord format - The whole system fits into a carry-on luggage. (50m cable drums)
- No plugs, no registration, no need to type in long product ID, no "software transfer fees". - Install the fully functional software as many times as you need.

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