Orteco FEX 1500 Solar Pile Driver 6m Mast

The Orteco FEX 1500 solar pile driver is a new machine featuring a 6m mast. It is intended to meet the needs of piling in difficult conditions. This machine can operate off-road and with steep gradients, These situations frequently arise in the construction of photovoltaic systems where stability and accuracy are key.

The FEX 1500 solar pile driver has the same features as the FEX 1000:

  1. Crawler-mounted with iron chain and rubber-coated iron shoes
    This solution permits the crawler to operate on difficult terrain without suffering damage. The Orteco FEX 1000 can be used on asphalt and cement surfaces without causing damage. It can also be safely loaded on ramps.
  2. Hydraulically extendable crawler 
    Orteco have adopted a larger crawler for this machine, with a length of 2500 mm and width of 200 mm. With a hydraulic device, the crawler can be extended up to 2700 mm.
    This solution gives to the pile driver the option greater stability when facing adverse conditions.
  3. Accessories
    The Orteco 1000 FEX pile driver may be fitted with:
    Hydraulic Rotor/down the hole hammer: The hydraulic rotor is used for down the hole hammers or for “screwing in” poles with a volute. The down the hole hammer can be used to drill in rock, concrete or when the ground is highly compact and can be left in position when not in use.
    Hydraulic Drill: to excavate in mixed terrain in order to insert iron tubes and concrete bases for special applications;
    Extractor: Dual action, lifting/percussive, extractor for removal of old or poorly positioned piles;
    Laser: A laser mounted on a tripod communicates with the receiver mounted on the hammer. The operator can set a level for the hammer to stop automatically when reached;
    Verticality Control: allows the operator to position the piles verticality perfectly with the push of a button.

The FEX 1500 however, also comes with the benefit of driving piles that are up to 6m in length, and on land with a maximum inclination of 8°.

As with the FEX 1000, a standard feature of this model is the steel crawlers. These allow the operator to work on any type of soil.

This machine comes supplied with an accessories kit. The kit is aimed at maximising the safety of the operators and the maximum comfort in their work.


Hammer rating: 1500J
Hatz 3L41-C

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