Orteco HD 1500 Solar Pile Driver

The Orteco HD 1500 solar pile driver is fitted with a 5 metre mast. This machine is intended for piling works for photo voltaic projects. Once again, this unit receives its “heavy duty” name due to its robust steel components, increased hammer output and the consequent increase in weight.

The Orteco HD 1500 has an increased piling power. This machine uses a hammer with an impact energy of up to 1500 Joules. This allows the unit to drive larger posts in harder ground conditions. The longer mast also allows the unit to drive posts that are up to 5m in length. As always, this Orteco unit’s stability and easy handling allow the operator to achieve great precision when driving piles.

The design of this machine also provides great versatility. The pile driver attachment can be removed from the crawler and mounted on the back of a truck. This provides the option for customers to use the most appropriate setup on a job by job basis.


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