Orteco HD 800 Solar Pile Driver

The Orteco HD 800 solar pile driver is intended for the installation of piles for photo voltaic systems. This machine can tackle continuous, heavy duty jobs where productivity and reliability are essential factors.

This machine receives its heavy duty label because it is manufactured using high quality steel components. As a result, the Orteco HD 800 can provide longer working hours, better production rates, professionalism and the highest level of safety standards. The stability and easy handling of the Orteco unit allows piles to be driven with precision and efficiency.

The design of this machine makes it very versatile. The pile driver attachment can be removed from the crawler and mounted on the back of a truck. This provides the option for our customers to use the most appropriate setup on a job by job basis.

There are also a number of accessories available for Orteco machines. The accessories available for the HD 800 can be found here.


950 Joules
Hatz 3L41-C
Hp 44.2/ Kw 32.5
2,800(std) / 4,500(opt)mm
3900 Kg

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