Post Driver Attachment for Excavator

This post driver attachment is designed for customers who already own an excavator. This attachment is ideal for those who need to carry out random post driving works that are non binding.

This solution allows you to drive posts off road and in difficult conditions. Stability and traction are maintained by using your own tracked excavator.

As with all Orteco equipment, this attachment provides excellent and efficient performance.  This solution is perfect for those who need to drive posts, but are not in the market to purchase a new piece of machinery.


600J: 450/590J 800J: 950J 1000J: 1200J
600J: 650/1000 800J: 680/720 1000J: 680/720
600J: 15Mpa 800J: 15Mpa 1000J: 18Mpa
600J: 45/85 dm³/min 800J: 60/95 dm³/min 1000J: 80/110 dm³/min
600J: 180mm 800J: 180mm 1000J: 200mm
600J: 800kg 800J: 1100kg 1000J: 1300kg

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