For many concrete pump operators, the worst and most unpleasant part of the job is priming or grouting the pump, involving the mixing of cement powder with water into a paste.

This out-dated process carries significant risks to the health and safety of the pump operators. Risks such as dermatitis and skin burns incurred from contact with the cement, respiratory problems from the inhalation of cement dust and back problems from repetitive heavy lifting.


With Prime-a-Pump there are no health risks to the pump operators, either through skin contact, dust inhalation or with lifting heavy weights, making it safer, easier and cheaper to use than current methods. Prime-a-Pump is a much superior alternative to the existing methods. It is a dry powder specifically formulated to provide a transparent, odourless, clean and economic alternative to cement/water pump priming, and without any of the old problems. It is suitable for use in all types of concrete pumps and pipeline systems.
A small bottle of Prime-a-Pump is simply emptied and stirred into 15ltrs of water, left for 15 minutes to thicken prior to the start of pumping operations. During this time, the mixture thickens and takes on a slippery texture, which adheres to all the pump's internal surfaces once it is applied. • Advantages of using Prime-a-Pump • No risk to health • No heavy lifting • Substantially cheaper than cement • Transparent and clean • Guaranteed harmless to fresh or hardened concrete • Effective on all pumps and pipeline systems • No shelf life problems • One bottle is equal to one bag of cement • Can be mixed in buckets or directly in the pump hopper • Reduces line friction and start-up pump pressures • Eliminates the need for site-stored bagged cement • No cement wastage • Contains no bentonite


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