Soilmec SR-95

Soilmec rigs are self-mounting, easily transportable and designed to give the best drilling solutions.
The SR-95 hydraulic drilling rig has been specially designed for suiting the following applications:

– LDP (Large Diameter Piling) cased bore piles with casing directly driven by the rotary head or by a casing oscillator powered by the carrier base itself;
– LDP deep uncased bored piles stabilised by drilling fluid or dry hole;
– CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string;
– CAP (Cased Augered Piles) piles with double independent rotary system;
– DP (Displacement Piles) / TCT (Traction Compacting Tool);
– TJ (Turbojet®) / TTJ (Twin Shaft Turbojet) – soil consolidation;
– RCDS (Reverse Circulation Drilling System) on demand.

The SR-95 is equipped with the Drilling Mate System (DMS) on a 12′ touch screen. This is used for monitoring and control rig performance and operating parameters.


Max diameter (LDP): 3000mm Max depth (LDP): 106,5m
Max diameter (CFA): 1200mm Max depth (CFA): 34,5m
Max diameter (CAP/CSP): 800mm Max pile depth (CAP/CSP): 26,5m Max cased depth (CAP/CSP): 19,9m
Max diameter (DP): 600mm Max TCT diameter (DP): 800mm Max pile depth (DP): 33m
Max diameter (TJ): 1500mm Max depth (TJ): 33m

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